Finally a dice update!

So, how come the dice haven’t been in stock for months? Well that’s because the batch that I had ordered for this past selling period, batch 2, was unsellable. The reference photo above doesn’t tell the full story at all, but basically the main issue was that every single die had a defect on one edge of the plastic and I just don’t have the heart to sell that at full price. There were other things too, such as the colour being quite an unpleasant shade of ivory, and the paint still having some issues.

The latest batch, batch 3, is overall the best yet. Not as warm as batch 1 though, which I liked – but I realized it’s not easy for manufacturers to nail the colours.

For batch 1, I was basically fixing all of the dice by hand by painting each pip with paint and a tiny paint brush. I feel like I spent upwards of 100 hours just painting. 😖 It was exhausting, so I kept voicing that again and again to my manufacturer because if the paint couldn’t be improved then I’d have to be forced to find a new manu again because the thought of having to paint more dice makes me want to rip my hair out! 👺

So while the dice still have some various issues and many still fall into the “rejects” pile, batch 3 likely won’t need any hand-painting and to celebrate that I’ll be launching a sale starting tonight, so stay tuned.

Also you might be wondering how many “reject” dice I have by now. Probably thousands! Sometimes I put them up on sale on the website for a discount price, but I also don’t want to overwhelm customers with options so it’s typically not listed – but if you do want a discounted “flawed” set of the dice (or other product) then feel free to inquire!

The shopping mall directory full of fun online shops.

There are so many awesome online shops out there and we’re always losing track of them all, so we decided to start collecting them in one fun place: our Shopping Mall.

When you refresh the page, it randomizes – that way there isn’t any favoritism. We’ll keep adding more and more cool shops over time, so keep checking back, and feel free to share it to people on the hunt for unique gift ideas!

If we’re missing a really great online store, please share it with us so we can add it! Let’s spread the love. ♥

November’s new products.

Introducing the Touchy Feely Sticker Pack! Stick the stickers onto your 3x3x3 standard Rubik’s Cube, and watch the colours change from the touch of your hands as you try to solve the cube. The longer you take, the more you’ll start to mess up!

The Make a Point Sticky Notes are your standard yellow sticky notes… or are they? We put the adhesive in the corner so that you can use them in their diamond formation!

These paper clips are A Bit of a Stretch! We took your standard paper clip and streeeetched it out long! Unfortunately it no longer holds paper well, but if you find some other creative uses for it, let us know!

Remember these cuties? Our Hug Me Binder Clips now also come in white, so that’s 3 colour options in total. Make your pick!

Blasphemail: American stamps discontinued forever?

A small update on our Blasphemail postal stamps featuring the “f” word! Some time after creating these American stamps, I noticed the website had gone down and I was trying to track down any news on this. Eventually I found this article that stated the USPS had ruled to discontinue the custom photo stamps program.

Now it’s possible that some day they’ll bring it back (🤞) but perhaps they won’t. So I thought I’d let you know, in case they’re all gone forever and ever, that there are currently 8 units of our American stamps left, so grab them while they’re around!