“Sealed Fate” batch 3 is here!

The silica gel candy is back again for its third batch. Thanks for your patience – the shipping took much longer than previously.

There are a couple of changes this round:

✎ New print design
✎ Smaller candy spheres
✎ A more subtle flavour*

* I don’t feel that the candy company landed the flavour this round, it tastes a bit more generic and is smaller than I had hoped. But because of this, I am planning to sell larger discount packs of this batch sometime in the near future so that I can eventually focus on batch 4 and try to make improvements! I’m considering another giveaway too.

A note on the packaging: From the start, the reason I’ve been doing custom packaging with my very own fonts and placements on the paper was so that people can distinctly tell which packet is a Wask one versus real silica gel packets.

I’m curious what your thoughts would be if I actually used some of the common printed silica gel designs that are already out there? I thought to myself that it’s more risky since it can be swapped with a real silica gel discreetly, but the only situation I can think of would be if you’re snacking on your own silica gel packets and somebody else decides to swap in a real one in your snack bowl!

Thoughts? 🤔

Silica gel candy – finally back!

silica gel candy comparison

The “DO NOT EAT” candy is back! It took me sooooo long because there were many bumps in the road – the first one being that I had to find an entirely new candy supplier! It took forever to find a suitable candy. I actually still prefer the flavour of the old one, but I think the new one is fine! If you bought the new one already, can you easily guess the flavour? 🙂

There are some distinct differences between this new batch and the previous one.

The new version:

✎ New print design
✎ Different type of paper
✎ Larger candy
✎ New flavour & ingredients (Glucose, Sugar, DL-malic acid, Artificial Flavors)

As a refresher, the old ingredients were: Sugar, malt syrup, glucose, food additives, citric acid, malic acid, flavour.

Update October 31st: Some of the candy packets are extra crumpled because they were squished during their arrival to me. I started putting those aside and I’m selling them at a large discount on this link, so feel free to grab those if you don’t mind their wrinkly appearance! (Note: The discount candy is now out of stock, but once the full candy restock is here, I will keep adding more discount candy periodically onto the same link!)