Silica gel candy – finally back!

silica gel candy comparison

The “DO NOT EAT” candy is back! It took me sooooo long because there were many bumps in the road – the first one being that I had to find an entirely new candy supplier! It took forever to find a suitable candy. I actually still prefer the flavour of the old one, but I think the new one is fine! If you bought the new one already, can you easily guess the flavour? 🙂

There are some distinct differences between this new batch and the previous one.

The new version:

✎ New print design
✎ Different type of paper
✎ Larger candy
✎ New flavour & ingredients (Glucose, Sugar, DL-malic acid, Artificial Flavors)

As a refresher, the old ingredients were: Sugar, malt syrup, glucose, food additives, citric acid, malic acid, flavour.

If for some reason you prefer some of the old candy, I do have a few left for special circumstances. Also, if you’d like to order a larger amount of this candy all at once, such as 50+ packets (one candy sachet as seen in the photo above is what I refer to as a packet) then please e-mail me and we can discuss a discount if you’re willing to accept them arriving in unbranded packaging (normally the candy packets are placed in branded pouches with the product name, brand name, weight, etc.)

6 thoughts on “Silica gel candy – finally back!”

  1. Hey! I just bought some of the new silica gel candy packets with the unlabeled packaging, because I just couldn’t wait any longer since they sold out the first time! I was curious if I would be able to purchase one or two of the original candy packets? Thanks!

    1. Hi! Sorry for the late reply. If you’d still like to get your hands on some of the version 1 original flavour candies, then feel free to e-mail me!

  2. Just curious, what’s the appeal of the unlabeled candy? Isn’t the novelty packaging basically the whole point of this?

    1. Hello!
      That’s only referring to what the candy packets come in. Currently they come in small pouches with the product name, brand name, weight, etc. I’ll edit the post to try to make that more clear!

  3. Hello! I was just curious if this product is gluten free? I have a sibling with a severe gluten allergy and wanted to purchase these as a gift for them!

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