Restock: Flooded With Emotions Mug

So you may have seen that the mugs are finally back in stock after forever! The ceramics manufacturer was trying to improve the eyes area because there were a lot of problems with the first batch (especially a lot of asymmetrical eyes) where I had to sell a lot of mugs at a big discount.

So far this new batch is a bit of an improvement! The eyes are a bit larger though which doesn’t bother me. This time the white colour is more creamy, whereas originally is was more of a light grey. I think when it comes to using the mug in person, the creamy colour is really nice – however it’s a bit brighter so it doesn’t photograph as well as the grey one did (as you can tell!).

Once again, I’m going to put aside the mugs with little / large imperfections to sell at discount prices, but I probably won’t list those until much later on. However, if you’re on a budget and really want a mug at a discount price right now, please e-mail me and I’ll give you some options for a flawed one!

New Wask boxes.

It’s my first time ever making branded boxes!
I’m excited because for Wask I always keep all of the packaging as simple and inexpensive as I could, so that I can have more money to spend on making fun new products. It turns out these branded boxes cost a little less than my last ones, and require waaaaaay less assembly time! Win-win.

I still have a lot of products packaged in the previous white slide boxes, but eventually all the tiny products will come in these new ones.

“Sealed Fate” batch 3 is here!

The silica gel candy is back again for its third batch. Thanks for your patience – the shipping took much longer than previously.

There are a couple of changes this round:

✎ New print design
✎ Smaller candy spheres
✎ A more subtle flavour*

* I don’t feel that the candy company landed the flavour this round, it tastes a bit more generic and is smaller than I had hoped. But because of this, I am planning to sell larger discount packs of this batch sometime in the near future so that I can eventually focus on batch 4 and try to make improvements! I’m considering another giveaway too.

A note on the packaging: From the start, the reason I’ve been doing custom packaging with my very own fonts and placements on the paper was so that people can distinctly tell which packet is a Wask one versus real silica gel packets.

I’m curious what your thoughts would be if I actually used some of the common printed silica gel designs that are already out there? I thought to myself that it’s more risky since it can be swapped with a real silica gel discreetly, but the only situation I can think of would be if you’re snacking on your own silica gel packets and somebody else decides to swap in a real one in your snack bowl!

Thoughts? 🤔

New product: Sticky Fingers Bookmarks

Although a lot of my product are becoming more quirky and playful, the original foundation of Wask products was inspired mostly by stationery! And I want to keep making stationery things forever.

Anyway, I kept seeing magnetic bookmarks online for a while now and I just couldn’t figure out how to make a fun Wask version of the bookmarks. And then I saw a photo of some magnetic bookmarks in a row on a page in a book, and to my brain they looked like fingers gripping the page. I liked that weird thought, so I decided to make it!

You can check out the “Sticky Fingers” bookmarks here.

New product: Lucky Number Two Enamel Pin

At some point this summer, I was wandering around Toronto thinking about how many pigeons there are everywhere. Everywhere! And yet, I’ve lived here since 2014 and have never been pooped on by one of them! Is that even statistically probable?

People say it’s good luck to get pooped on by a bird, and I started to feel some good luck FOMO after all these years. That’s why I decided we can create our own luck with the Lucky Number Two enamel pin – the bird poop pin you can wear any day you wanna feel lucky!

Just don’t tell the pigeons.

Silica gel candy – finally back!

silica gel candy comparison

The “DO NOT EAT” candy is back! It took me sooooo long because there were many bumps in the road – the first one being that I had to find an entirely new candy supplier! It took forever to find a suitable candy. I actually still prefer the flavour of the old one, but I think the new one is fine! If you bought the new one already, can you easily guess the flavour? 🙂

There are some distinct differences between this new batch and the previous one.

The new version:

✎ New print design
✎ Different type of paper
✎ Larger candy
✎ New flavour & ingredients (Glucose, Sugar, DL-malic acid, Artificial Flavors)

As a refresher, the old ingredients were: Sugar, malt syrup, glucose, food additives, citric acid, malic acid, flavour.

Update October 31st: Some of the candy packets are extra crumpled because they were squished during their arrival to me. I started putting those aside and I’m selling them at a large discount on this link, so feel free to grab those if you don’t mind their wrinkly appearance! (Note: The discount candy is now out of stock, but once the full candy restock is here, I will keep adding more discount candy periodically onto the same link!)