Silica gel candy – finally back!

silica gel candy comparison

The “DO NOT EAT” candy is back! It took me sooooo long because there were many bumps in the road – the first one being that I had to find an entirely new candy supplier! It took forever to find a suitable candy. I actually still prefer the flavour of the old one, but I think the new one is fine! If you bought the new one already, can you easily guess the flavour? 🙂

There are some distinct differences between this new batch and the previous one.

The new version:

✎ New print design
✎ Different type of paper
✎ Larger candy
✎ New flavour & ingredients (Glucose, Sugar, DL-malic acid, Artificial Flavors)

As a refresher, the old ingredients were: Sugar, malt syrup, glucose, food additives, citric acid, malic acid, flavour.

If for some reason you prefer some of the old candy, I do have a few left for special circumstances. Also, if you’d like to order a larger amount of this candy all at once, such as 50+ packets (one candy sachet as seen in the photo above is what I refer to as a packet) then please e-mail me and we can discuss a discount if you’re willing to accept them arriving in unbranded packaging (normally the candy packets are placed in branded pouches with the product name, brand name, weight, etc.)

2-tips Matches: restock with minor differences

I’ve put up some new stock of the 2-tips matches online. The manufacturer has made some changes in the way they produce their matches now. They’re still the same size and function the same, but (in my opinion) are unfortunately aesthetically less pleasing now.

I’m naming these newer ones “Version 2” or “V2” because I feel they’re significantly different from my original product photos, so I want customers to be informed.

Version 1:
• Warmer shades of wood
• Match head appears more white & smooth

Version 2:
• Muted tones in the wood
• Match head appears more textured and grey

This may be the match we carry indefinitely as trying to switch suppliers is not a priority at the time, but feel free to leave any questions or comments!

A forgotten gif.

In December of 2017 shortly after launching Wask, I was trying to figure out what type of route to take for the brand vibes. I made this animation with 3 little Unbreak My Heart Paper Clips sleeping soundly in a bed, but then they get ripped out by a giant hand!

It wasn’t really my vibe in the end so I never really finished it… but now that it’s 5 years later I feel like it’s fun to post it on the blog anyway!

Blasphemail: The end of an era?

Okay! So! A few years ago I wanted to create a unique postal stamp(s) using the custom stamp programs available in both the USA and Canada. Along the way, I discovered there were some rules about what can or can’t be on official stamps – such as the marijuana leaf, or inappropriate language, or basically anything that isn’t “family-friendly” – so I wanted to have a bit of fun with that and find a loophole to circumvent it.

Thus the Blasphemail Postage Stamps were born! By ordering one letter a time, the goal was to create the first ever set of stamps that contained swear words, in this case spelling out the letters F U C K !

A year ago I wrote about discovering that the official American version of the custom stamps program, “”, was no longer operating indefinitely and I wouldn’t be able to order any more American stamps in stock.

Yesterday, a customer had ordered 2 packs of my Canadian stamps and I realized they were the last 2 I had in stock. I wanted to order more only to discover that Canada Post has also discontinued their custom stamps program! 🙁

So I guess that might be it, forever.

They truly are a collectible now.

Update January 30 2023: I have actually found 1 extra Canadian pack and 1 extra American pack. I might do a giveaway or something similar with them in the future, if people continue to show interest in these stamps!