Finally a dice update!

So, how come the dice haven’t been in stock for months? Well that’s because the batch that I had ordered for this past selling period, batch 2, was unsellable. The reference photo above doesn’t tell the full story at all, but basically the main issue was that every single die had a defect on one edge of the plastic and I just don’t have the heart to sell that at full price. There were other things too, such as the colour being quite an unpleasant shade of ivory, and the paint still having some issues.

The latest batch, batch 3, is overall the best yet. Not as warm as batch 1 though, which I liked – but I realized it’s not easy for manufacturers to nail the colours.

For batch 1, I was basically fixing all of the dice by hand by painting each pip with paint and a tiny paint brush. I feel like I spent upwards of 100 hours just painting. 😖 It was exhausting, so I kept voicing that again and again to my manufacturer because if the paint couldn’t be improved then I’d have to be forced to find a new manu again because the thought of having to paint more dice makes me want to rip my hair out! 👺

So while the dice still have some various issues and many still fall into the “rejects” pile, batch 3 likely won’t need any hand-painting and to celebrate that I’ll be launching a sale starting tonight, so stay tuned.

Also you might be wondering how many “reject” dice I have by now. Probably thousands! Sometimes I put them up on sale on the website for a discount price, but I also don’t want to overwhelm customers with options so it’s typically not listed – but if you do want a discounted “flawed” set of the dice (or other product) then feel free to inquire!

November dice update.

Wask dice journey.
Wask Think Twice Dice

We have new dice with some slight changes now:

✎ The opposite faces now equal 7
✎ The dice and pips are slightly larger
✎ The pips are now cone-shaped inside
✎ The colour is slightly warmer

Overall we’re happy with these changes although there are still some paint issues within the pips which we’re working out with the manufacturer. If this can’t be resolved long-term, it might not be worth sticking with this manufacturer after all since it takes hours and hours to fix imperfections in the paint by hand.

June dice update.

Our Think Twice Dice are our bestseller, so we’re always looking for ways to improve them. We’ve seen many comments about making sure that opposing faces should add up to 7 (they currently don’t), and we’ve also noticed many D&D players buying many packs of them at a time. So in the future we want to update the opposing faces of the dice, as well as offer a promotional price for a set of 6 dice.

While taking these changes into consideration, and having gone through many quality problems with my current dice manufacturer, we’re officially on the hunt for a new dice manufacturer, but it’s a long process and with every new sample arise new issues. But we won’t give up!

If you know a quality dice manufacturer you can recommend to produce our unique dice, we’re interested to hear from you.