New product: A New Flame Ring

Introducing a little candle ring called A New Flame. It’s a stainless steel ring that features a real tiny candle – although we do not recommend lighting it while wearing it and are not liable for any damage if you choose to do so! It can get extremely hot in a very short time.

Some backstory on this product: I actually got this idea at the very end of 2013 – yes, a very long time ago! At first I couldn’t find such a product anywhere on the internet. Over time I kept trying to bring the idea to life – first trying to DIY it which failed, and then I once got a prototype from a manufacturer for the base but I wasn’t 100% happy with it.

Well, eventually many years passed and I noticed that another brand online had made their own version of a candle ring. This isn’t the first time that’s happened to me – there have been a few times where I was planning on making a product but somebody else beat me to it, but often in those cases it was a matter of the product being a very singular idea and mine would have ended up looking identical to theirs pretty much, so I didn’t continue.

I decided I wanted to still make my version of the candle ring for a few reasons:

☻ The overall shape & design is different
☻ The material is different
☻ We’re offering multiple colours (more in the future)
☻ The price point is for a different market

So I finally brought it to a point where I’m happy with it, and here it is!
Please let me know if you have any size or colour requests for the future.

Update: To ease peoples’ curiosity, I made a test to see how long it takes for the ring to become dangerously hot. I lit the ring (off my hand) and set a timer while occasionally testing the heat of it in a safe manner. In my result, it started becoming uncomfortably hot after 4 minutes 30 seconds. Although this doesn’t take into consideration that if it’s worn on a warm finger, that process could have occurred even quicker. It also doesn’t take into consideration the possibility of wax dripping on you and injuring you. So once again, the risk is yours if you choose to play around with it. 🙂

5 thoughts on “New product: A New Flame Ring”

    1. Hi Brian! You can choose to leave the candle with a “lit” look, or you can refill it on your own. I’m planning on adding some easy refill instructions and tips in the future; and maybe even creating refill kits!

      1. Can you leave the candle lit and on your finger long enough to light a cigarette, perhaps?

        1. Hi! I think in my testing I wore it lit for about a minute before blowing it out just to be safe. Although to ease my curiosity, I’m thinking of doing a lighting test off of my finger and simply touching the underside to see when it starts to get warm. I’ll update the post with my findings.

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