Blasphemail: The end of an era?

Okay! So! A few years ago I wanted to create a unique postal stamp(s) using the custom stamp programs available in both the USA and Canada. Along the way, I discovered there were some rules about what can or can’t be on official stamps – such as the marijuana leaf, or inappropriate language, or basically anything that isn’t “family-friendly” – so I wanted to have a bit of fun with that and find a loophole to circumvent it.

Thus the Blasphemail Postage Stamps were born! By ordering one letter a time, the goal was to create the first ever set of stamps that contained swear words, in this case spelling out the letters F U C K !

A year ago I wrote about discovering that the official American version of the custom stamps program, “”, was no longer operating indefinitely and I wouldn’t be able to order any more American stamps in stock.

Yesterday, a customer had ordered 2 packs of my Canadian stamps and I realized they were the last 2 I had in stock. I wanted to order more only to discover that Canada Post has also discontinued their custom stamps program! 🙁

So I guess that might be it, forever.

They truly are a collectible now.

Update January 30 2023: I have actually found 1 extra Canadian pack and 1 extra American pack. I might do a giveaway or something similar with them in the future, if people continue to show interest in these stamps!

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