New product: Sinking Feeling Soap

soap that gets sadder as you use it
sad soap
smiley soap with various changing layers

Introducing our latest product, the Sinking Feeling Soap! It’s handmade by me and therefore may contain some small imperfections.

This soap is a long time coming. It started with an idea a few years ago to create soap with words on it that would change as you use it, but words are so small and detailed and I realized it would probably have been impossible to make with soap. So I went with a visual route instead – smileys!

I created the first prototype last year but it had a major flaw in it from the method I used to make it. Feeling defeated afterwards, it took me a long time to get around finally fixing it.

The soap consists of 6 layers of smileys (in the image above I conjoined the 2 middle sad smiles to represent one larger “layer” since they’re the same). I was originally going to simply have 3 layers starting from the top: happy, neutral, and sad. But since most people will use a bar of soap by picking up the bar and rubbing it from all around, I realized the design has to work from the outwards into the middle. So that’s why there are so many layers!

The soap takes forever to make. It has SO many steps! I’m currently pricing it at $40 CAD which is actually greatly undervaluing my time per bar – and therefore in the near future I will have to decide to either raise the price or turn this into a limited edition item. So grab it while it’s still a bargain!

Update: I ended up making a little TikTok video cutting one up to show the layers working. Afterwards I looked at the soap and realized how extremely poorly I was actually cutting it up. Too funny!

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