November’s new products.

Introducing the Touchy Feely Sticker Pack! Stick the stickers onto your 3x3x3 standard Rubik’s Cube, and watch the colours change from the touch of your hands as you try to solve the cube. The longer you take, the more you’ll start to mess up!

The Make a Point Sticky Notes are your standard yellow sticky notes… or are they? We put the adhesive in the corner so that you can use them in their diamond formation!

These paper clips are A Bit of a Stretch! We took your standard paper clip and streeeetched it out long! Unfortunately it no longer holds paper well, but if you find some other creative uses for it, let us know!

Remember these cuties? Our Hug Me Binder Clips now also come in white, so that’s 3 colour options in total. Make your pick!

Blasphemail: American stamps discontinued forever?

A small update on our Blasphemail postal stamps featuring the “f” word! Some time after creating these American stamps, I noticed the website had gone down and I was trying to track down any news on this. Eventually I found this article that stated the USPS had ruled to discontinue the custom photo stamps program.

Now it’s possible that some day they’ll bring it back (🤞) but perhaps they won’t. So I thought I’d let you know, in case they’re all gone forever and ever, that there are currently 8 units of our American stamps left, so grab them while they’re around!

November dice update.

Wask dice journey.
Wask Think Twice Dice

We have new dice with some slight changes now:

✎ The opposite faces now equal 7
✎ The dice and pips are slightly larger
✎ The pips are now cone-shaped inside
✎ The colour is slightly warmer

Overall we’re happy with these changes although there are still some paint issues within the pips which we’re working out with the manufacturer. If this can’t be resolved long-term, it might not be worth sticking with this manufacturer after all since it takes hours and hours to fix imperfections in the paint by hand.

Play it Safe enamel pins are now sold out!

Our Play it Safe enamel pins – featuring a face mask with little chains for straps – are now sold out. They won’t be coming back, so thank you to everyone who snatched one up and helped us donate to our local charity to help deal with COVID-19.

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June dice update.

Our Think Twice Dice are our bestseller, so we’re always looking for ways to improve them. We’ve seen many comments about making sure that opposing faces should add up to 7 (they currently don’t), and we’ve also noticed many D&D players buying many packs of them at a time. So in the future we want to update the opposing faces of the dice, as well as offer a promotional price for a set of 6 dice.

While taking these changes into consideration, and having gone through many quality problems with my current dice manufacturer, we’re officially on the hunt for a new dice manufacturer, but it’s a long process and with every new sample arise new issues. But we won’t give up!

If you know a quality dice manufacturer you can recommend to produce our unique dice, we’re interested to hear from you.